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Improving nutrition habits and kicking sugar cravings is life-changing work and I can help you be successful. Life is hectic, I get it, but diet fads and restrictive eating are not solutions, nor are they sustainable. True change comes from building bulletproof daily habits.


Accountability & support from a registered dietitian is a great investment in your health —your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Wellness is not just one thing; it's how all the components of your life balance fit into the picture.  I can help you with a holistic approach to feeling better. 

Green Goodness

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the change that we seek.



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don't stress over holiday eating

Studies show people gain up to 5 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. But you don't have to! With the right tools and mindset, you can actually enjoy your meals and avoid all (well, okay, most of) the stress. Learn to work smarter, not harder.

what you'll learn:
  • Mindful eating principles to tune into your hunger levels & avoid cravings

  • Easy steps to create a healthy, balanced plate

  • How to slow down and make intentional decisions

  • Train your brain to visualize your success

get your copy for only $4.99!



Stop thinking and get moving!


 Whether you want to improve your nutrition habits, start a meditation practice, cut back on sugar, implement an exercise routine or simply slow down in a fast-paced, multi-tasking world, this program is designed to help you get started!.

Two week tune up

what you learn:
  • How to implement small, daily rituals to improve your habits and create lasting change

  • Exercises to lower stress 

  • How deep breathing can increase focus

  • Why mindset is critical to your success

  • How to identify and break through barriers

what's included:
  • Two 15-minute, one-on-one private coaching calls with Tara 

  • Fourteen daily emails with simple, actionable steps to create lasting change

  • Access to a private chat group with other Two-Week Tune Up members

  • FREE eBook  - Staying Healthy with the Seasons - Spring, a regular value of $9.99

Register, pay in full and receive a link to book your two coaching calls. Optional - gain access to a private group chat for accountability and support. Complete your 2 weeks and receive a code for my eBook for FREE! Accepting insurance.

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Personalized 1:1 coaching with Tara Maurice, RD

End food cravings, master your meal plan, stabilize energy levels (no more highs and lows) and create powerful, lasting habits. Design a bulletproof  nutrition + wellness routine. Twelve weeks of individualized nutrition support and accountability.

Organic Vegetables

12 week transformation

what you learn:
  • Tune into your hunger and satiety levels 

  • How to stop food cravings for GOOD (and learn why you have them)

  • How to create a bulletproof meal plan

  • Identify roadblocks to change

  • Techniques to shift your mindset and overcome setbacks

what's included:
  • Twelve, weekly 1:1 Zoom calls with Tara 

  • Feedback on food tracking and individualized energy requirements

  • Worksheets and templates to create and fine-tune your meal plan

  • Personalized grocery lists

  • Accountability, support, and MUCH more!

*Space is limited. To make sure we are a good fit, please fill out this Google Form. I'll then reach out to schedule a complimentary 15 minute call. This is a commitment to your wellness journey. Are you ready to dig in and do the work? I'll be there every step of the way! Now accepting insurance.

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